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Just Pork

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Made with 100% USDA Pork Loin, "Just Pork" treats are sourced locally and handmade in small batches in Boston, MA from human-grade pork. 
These treats are great treat alternatives to poultry, made with lean protein and have a savory taste and satisfying crunch that drives dogs wild.
Their special process ensures that each bite of “Just Pork” is the high-value treat your pup craves while being safe and healthy, free of preservatives, grains, fillers and hormones. 

  • All-Natural Pork Loin Treats Made & Sourced in the USA
  • Made only from USDA Pork
  • Only Human-Grade Ingredients
  • No Preservatives, Hormones or Steroids
  • 3.5 oz. re-sealable Bag
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